The common gnome is a favorite amongst many people for the creation of costumes for many occasions. This could be Halloween, Christmas or simply for family get-togethers.

I think this is partly due to the appearance of the gnome which is, by its very nature, rather comical what with the long white beard, pointy hat and red. rosy cheeks. The have a jolly and comical sense of humor and are known to play good-natured tricks on each other to break up the work that they do in and around gardens.

One of the best garden gnome costumes that we have is over at in which they have, in the past, dressed up their whole family in the most amazing gnome costumes! Take a look at a blog post dedicated to this family event here.


This is a big time of year for fancy dress and dressing as a gnome is just so quirky and funny that it is a popular choice for many. It makes for a great pick at Halloween as they are not offensive in any way and everyone knows what the costume is based around when they see it. This means that it is perfect for both adults and kids or even for the whole family to dress as!


The fact that gnomes have some resemblance to Santa Claus means that it is funny to create a costume that is based around him or even something which is a combination of the two! A good thing about gnomes is that they look is not set in stone, there are some guides, like the pointy hat and long, white beard but, after that people can get creative which means that creating one for Christmas allows people to use this time of year as inspiration and add things such as a sleigh, reindeer and elvish features to their outfit.

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