Gnome Puns

Gnomes are whimsical characters with a great history that have found popularity as garden decorations, with some people having quite a collection. They fall into the category of décor and are designed to bring interest and conversation to visitors spending time in your gnome home. These funny little folks also feature in many fantasy stories, memes and games, with one famous example being Dungeons and Dragons. Naming gnomes using gnome puns can also be a source of much entertainment as it is tradition to give them weird and wonderful names, and of course, tell the groanworthy gnome jokes that trip so naturally off the tongue – Gnome pun intended!

Funny Gnome Puns

Once there was a gnome called George; he wrote a book and published it, calling himself Bob. Why did he do that? Because Bob was his Gnome de Plume! I saw a gnome the other day wearing a hat and coat in the sun; I said, why are you dressed like that? He replied, ‘My gnome is in Alaska, and I’ll be flying gnome for Christmas‘. I saw a social media post the other day, a little gnome was sick, and they were raising money for treatment and asking for donations via Gnome Fund Me.

Crime Puns

Imagine placing a gnome outside your house and arming him with a torch and stick; he would be there to guard the home and keep you safe, making him your Gnomeland Security! Did you hear the one about the robber who attacked a family of gnomes? He showed the gnome mercy! Seriously don’t shoot the messenger. This is likely to be a conspiracy, so trust gnome one. But if you need help solving the mystery and catching the perpetrator, I recommend you call Sherlock Gnomes; his reputation is the stuff of legends.

Love Puns

Do gnomes fall in love? Of course, they do, and they are simply adorable. Just the other day, I heard two of my gnomes talking, and one said to the other, ‘gnome matter what happens, I’ll always love you .’ The other replied, ‘my love for you gnomes no bounds’. True story! Have you ever seen a gnome chatting up a girl in a bar? His favourite pick-up line is ‘I’m going to take you gnome tonight’. So what does a gnome say when he bumps into an old friend? You look familiar, do I gnome you?

Gardening Gnome Puns

Gardeners know that putting gnomes in their garden is really good for attracting wildlife, especially bees, which are essential for the whole planet. But just how do they know they are so good? Well, that’s easy – we all know that bees love honey gnomes! Which reminds me, what did the mummy bee say to the baby bee? You’re getting gnome more honey until we get home.

List of Puns

  • They aren’t gnome for their humor
  • Too bad, if only I’d gnome!
  • If only I’d gnome!
  • They can’t read it, it’s on a need to gnome basis.
  • It contains secrets by the gnecromantic society.
  • All right every one that’s enough! Gno more games!
  • It doesn’t have to be very long. Not like gnomes are known for their length anyways.

Just in case you are wondering, no one in the office will own up to writing this blog; I mean, we can’t blame them; the gnome puns really are pretty dreadful. So, for now, we will have to say, the author of this blog remains ungnome.


There are lots of amazing gnome-based jokes that you can tell to make your friends cry with laughter. We have a dedicated article to gnome jokes here!

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