Gnomes are supposed to represent good luck and this is something that people want for their gardens and yards traditionally to protect things such as minerals and buried treasure and also to keep the various things that they have there, such as plants, trees and grass, healthy and vibrant.

They are thought to be magical creatures with powers that can protect your yard, and the items contained within it, from evil. It is also thought that they have the ability and motivation to reward people with happiness.

With gnomes being associated with such things, along with other attributes such as their cheery disposition, big hats and quirky clothing, it is natural that they are popular with people and make for a great talking point.

Over the course of their history, some people have researched whether gnomes are supposed to represent some kind of real-life creatures but there is no concrete evidence that this is the case.

Gnomes that bring good luck and protect their owner’s homes can come in various forms such as the classic ones that everyone knows with red hats but also military gnomes and valentines gnomes.

What do Gnomes Represent Spiritually?

The main things that gnomes represent spiritually would be good luck, protection of their owner’s home and garden and the protection of evil spirits from entering their owner’s world. There is also a common thought that they represent determination and a spirit of never giving up which is something that they can pass on to everyone around them including visitors to the gardens in which they reside.

Ancient tales are thought to have described gnomes as protectors of Earth’s stability, grounding and rooting.

What is Luck?

So, gnomes are supposed to represent good luck but what exactly is luck? The most common explanation of luck is that it is when events happen that are thought to be the result of chance, there is an element which will affect how likely this is to happen to someone.

Many people try to influence their luck through things such as items which are thought to increase this, such as gnomes, as well as thinking positive thoughts as there is a belief that if you think in a certain way then that thing is more likely to happen. Having good luck items around you will help to increase this probably that good things will happen to you or they will at least comfort you.

What Other Good Luck Charms Exist?

There are many items around the world which are thought to bring good luck and these different from culture to culture but some of the more common ones, in addition to gnomes, include:

  • Four-leaf Clover
  • Horse Shoe
  • Furry Dice (often attached to a rear-view mirror in a car)
  • Rabbit’s Foot
  • Certain numbers (such as 7 or 8)
  • Rainbows
  • A penny that you find on the ground

The fact that so many people have gnomes on the lawn indicates how much people find comfort in items that are thought to bring good luck. With gnomes particularly, they have many other attractive features too such as their aesthetic appear, interesting clothing and rich history that make them a great feature to a garden.

What Happens When you see a Gnome?

It is thought that when humans see a gnome that they freeze and this is why people gnome ornaments as it represents them in this state.

What do Gnomes do at Night?

Due to the gnomes being frozen when humans see them, they only come out and do things at night. In terms of the things that they actually do, well, this is similar to how humans spend their time.

They are social creatures and so like spending time with each other chatting and sharing stories often whilst eating. They take time to tend to the gardens in which they live and this can often take up a lot of their time.

They also spend some of this time partaking in hobbies with the most common being fishing which has the extra benefit of proving food for meals.






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